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My future profession🎨

My favorite profession is art in generally. I go to Yerevan Music School after Tsitsikyan to play violin. I went there still 6 years. Along with the violin, I go to the solfeggio and the ensemble too. I have played many compositions and participated in different concerts. I am going also to Arsen Grigoryan’s school of singing, because I love singing very much. We have taken our first steps with our songs, we have participated in different filming of channels in Armenia TV, 21TV, ATV and other different channels. And finelly I love painting so much, that is why as a elective subject I prefered to choose painting in my school. From all this types of Art my lovely occupation is painting and may be in future it will be my selected profession. This profession will help me to create the paintings. With my work I will open a painting museum and organize exhibitions. I will publish my illustrated pictures in some European countries – I will organize competitions. And then I will open my own brand and open various branches in Armenia and abroad with my main brand in Armenia. And my dream is for my brand to be known all over the world.

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English Tasks:

Dear learners,if you have any questions,please let me know.

7th graders

1.A King’s painting/ read the story,find the definitions for the unknown words from the on-line dictionaries, write synonims.You can find definitions of the words from this online dictionary

If I were an artist I would paint him in the form of a man, and with one foot, one eye as in the book.



would turn out.-ստացվեց

Therefore,-դրա համար



Write if you were the painter,what would you do.

2.Imagine that there are no cell phones and no internet. Describe your holiday without a cell phone, social networking sites, and the internet in general

If there were no telephones and computers we would have booked vacations in different countries and would do interesting things..