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  1. I really like – bicycles! I’ve got two: a

green one and a gray one.

I got a green bike as a birthday present whan i was 12. I

bought a gray bicke whit my own money.

2) I read a newspaper story about the new plane yesterday

the plane can carry 3,000 people but the story didn’t say whan thay

will finish making it.

3) My father drives an old car. he loves it !

It was made in 1960s and it looks really beautiful.

Every week he gats a phone calls from the people

who want to buy it. Last week he had a phone

call from a woman in London.My father didn’t know the

woman but she offered him 10.000 for the car !

4) Last night i had a dream. My dream was about (no artical) dogs- lost of them ! there

was a dog that tried to bite me and i ran away.

Some people say that the dreams tell you(no artical) things about yourself.

Perhaps this dream maens that i’m afraid of (no artical) dogs.

In the woods there where lots of strange things. first I saw

a hause.

The hause was made of chocolate.

When I walked closer, a woman opened the door.

The woman was very old and she was

Wearing not article glasses. She said

You can eat some of the chocolate

but you have to give me a present.

I didn’t know what to give her.

But remembered. I had a photo of my

dog in my pocket.

I gave it to the woman and she looked at it.

Suddenly there were not article spiders everywere.

I hat not article spiders so I was a bit scared

But then I had an idea.

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Many films produced in Hollywood.

The Olympic Games is held every year.

Chocolate made from cocoa beans.

Thousands of Beatles CDs sold every year.

How many cans of coke are bought every day.

How often is the World

Cup held ?

We are’nt allowed to eat in class.

My parents let me play football in the garden.

You let take photographs here.

My brother let me use his camera.

In Britain, when youre 17 you

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My father buying a new car week ago.
Our children playing in the garden at the moment.
Listen! Someday singing.
Look!  Someday opened the door.
When I was five I could run.
Peter  going never by bus
How long has Ann lived.
How often does the bissnesman travel.
This cat is drunk hate fresh wather .
Tom’s parents are usually gone to work by
I have finished my work yet.
Jim going to the cinema tonight.

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Has your father payed the bill ?

Peter lost his keys?

Susan come back ?

You heared about Mary?

Everybody go home ?

What John told his teacher ?

Where your neighbours went?

Why you got lots of present?

What your mather cooked for dinner ?

Where Diana put her bag ?

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how to celebrate the new year in japan

First of all, in Japan the New Year is celebrated after 108 ringing of bells. According to tradition, each of these blows destroys one of the human flaws. In the first minutes of the new year, the Japanese laugh, which according to them is a guarantee of a successful year. And the house is decorated with bamboo, which is a symbol of eternity and fidelity. At dawn, the Japanese leave their homes to meet the dawn. Under the first rays of the New Year sun, they congratulate each other and give each other presents. The Japanese celebrate the New Year with new clothes.

Օ-սյոգացու. Նոր տարին Ծագող արեւի երկրում
Ինչպես են Ամանորը նշում աշխարհի տարբեր երկներում (ֆոտո) | Armlur – Լուրեր  Հայաստանից
Ինչպես են Ամանորը նշում չինացիները

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My mum worked in this hospital for three years.

Has Maria lived here for a long time ?

How long be your parents was married ?

I saw my friend Tom for a long time.

Diana and Jenny been friends since 2004.

You had a cold since two weeks . Go to the doctor !

My mum’s really good at French. She studie it since years.

I don’t know where Pater is. I not seen him since this morning.

We not been to the cinema since a long time.

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Active and Passive Voice

  1. Our butcher chop the best quality meat.

Best quality meat is choped by our butcher.

2. My aunt cook meat finely for her lamb stew.

Meat is finaly cooks for her lamb stew.

3. Traditional winemakers crush grapes wite their feet.

Grapes is crushed whith feet in traditional winemaking.

4. Good barman must pour the beer slowly to avoid froth.

Beer must is pours slowly to avoid froth.

5. You mustn’t sprinkle too much salt on salad.

A little salt must is sprinkles on the salad.

6. Village women still bake their bread at home.

Bread is stil baked at home by the villagers.

7. Some people boil the water in kettle to make quik tea.

Water is usually boiled in kittle to make quik tea.

8. Workers still sell cotton by hand in Turkey.

Cotton is still sells by hand.

9.Many homes will roast a turkey for Cristmas soon.

A turkey is will roasted in many homes for Cristmas .

10. We must wash fruts and vagitables before eating.

Fruits and vagitables is must washed before eating.

11. Jenny pick a new recipe almost every week.

A new recipe is picked almost every week by Jenny.

12. People fry fish in corn oil in Northern Turkey.

Fish is fryed in corn oil in Northern Turkey and tastes delicious.

13. You can peel bananas easily.

Bananas can is peels easily.

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How many emails written every day ?

Chocolate sold in almost every coutry in the world.

Rice is not growen in England but it growen in Spain.

Are most emails sent from home computers ?

Ferrari cars are made in Italy.

Someone is picks up the every morning

People cut down a lot of trees every year

A lot trees are cuts every year.

People waste too much water

Too much water are too water

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a) I shall phone Mike if he doesn’t arrive before 10 o’clock.

If you speak very fast,they won’t understand you.

If Marco phones tonight ,will you tell him Im at Sallys house?

Your parents will not know if you don’t tell them.

exercise b

Your sister goes to my school, doesn’t she ?

His father’s French ,isn’t he?

Were late -aren’t we ?

They aren’t at home are they ?

She hasn’t been to Canada, has she ?

exercise c

No thanks i already have some.

have you bought your sister a present yet ?

We already finish our homework.

Marta saw the film yet ?

exercise b









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Youre Canadian aren t you?

Its smaller than the USA is nt it ?

It is nt Vancouver, is it?

CIties in the USA are much bigger than that, arent they ?

You ve been there do you ?


Hes American isnt he ?

She doesnt like me does she ?

She can came whit us cant she ?

They arent from Canada are they ?

they re from the arent they ?

Youre favourite is pasta isnt it ?

She wont be at the party will she ?

You dont know my sister do you ?

Youve been to Italy have you?

You havent got a brother havent you ?